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Guitar Distortion Wiki. Distortion und Overdrive sind Formen der Audiosignalverarbeitung verwendet , um den Klang der verstärkten. So I was transposing a piece that is E-guitar heavy and i noticed that there were no distortions for it.

File:Boss-DS-1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Boss-DS-1.jpg – Wikimedia Commons (Ricky Lynch)

Distortion is most commonly used with the electric guitar , but may also be used with other electric instruments such as bass guitar Distortion (Musik) – Distortion (music). Rhymes: -ɔː(r)ʃən. distortion (countable and uncountable, plural distortions). I'm constantly experiment with metal guitar tone for years.

Ride the Feedback: A Brief History of Guitar Distortion.

Our guide to the best distortion effects pedals and stompboxes for electric guitars, whether you're playing blues, metal, rock or anything in-between.

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Distortion head fully saturated and a compressed distortion that's going to give you a much longer sustained, much more compressed sound, and the frequencies are going to vary, from a very rumbley. The story he told was a bit of a distortion. The best distortion pedals and drive pedals for guitar are ideal for anyone who wants to play metal and hard rock guitar.