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Guitar Notation Wiki. Notating music is simply the process of writing music, usually in standard notation or guitar tab form. Guitar music can be notated three different ways: on a musical staff, in tablature, and in rhythm slashes.

Acoustic guitar parts.png
Acoustic guitar parts.png (Mittie Watkins)

If the chord is to be strummed multiple times it just shows the lower half of an empty chord box for every time you. Does the development team need/want any help with notation features as they relate to guitar music, specifically tablature? Tom Serb Guitar Lessons Guitar Lessons for Beginners, How to Read Standard Notation, Reading Music for I'm not going to lie to you – learning to read standard notation on the guitar is a lot of work.

Sharps and flats indicate the notes a half step between whole steps.

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Guitar music is written on the treble clef, the upp. Guitar notes are the building blocks for all chords, riffs & solos. Rhythm Slashes are written above the staff.