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Sound hole – Wikipedia (Albert Shaw)

The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that usually has six strings. Activate Rose BarrierRose Barrier is active. Utilize the rosette ring design directly off the guitar plans as a starter or seed drawing.

Recast skill to release Rose Barrier.

Handcrafted flamenco and classical The rosette is the visual focal point of the guitar, the aesthetic centerpiece, and the maker's signature.

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Vintage Near-Mint Condition Ovation Model 1614 Made in USA …

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Vintage Near-Mint Condition Ovation Model 1614 Made in USA …

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HaHawaii Guitar Sound Hole Rosette, Orchestral InstrumentBeautiful Carved Classical Guitar Wood Circle Sound Hole Rosette Decoration. We love guitars and continue to research new ways to make them better. These rosettes are the perfect look on an acoustic guitar!