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Walden Guitar T 550. My Choice" In this golden age of guitarmaking, Walden Guitars is the union of standards established by generations of guitar makers and. S. tradition, neck and body are finished separately with satin lacquer and joined by a hand-fit, bolt-on neck joint; This neck design results in a clean transition between the neck and body and makes for easy future adjustment Walden Guitars is the vision of American Luthier Jonathan Lee who learned his trade while partnered with Master Luthier Charles Fox..

Walden Acounstic Guitar
Walden Acounstic Guitar (Shawn Garner)

We will NOT rush the shipment of any instrument; as our technician needs time to properly setup and quality check your guitar before it leaves so it will play perfectly to an "out. It kicks off with a non-cutaway body made of mahogany back and sides and a spruce top. Their models represent serious alternatives to established brands` models in comparable price ranges.

Walden Guitars is now among the manufacturers aiming to improve the sonic possibilities of the travel-size guitar.

Smaller than our "G" body shape, the O body is popular among finger-stylists and female players.

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Required fields are marked * Comment. Lee's forays into the world of guitar started off as a guitarist for various electric and acoustic acts in New York, San Francisco and Middletown, Connecticut. Mahogany neck is equipped with a bolt-on joint and a rosewood fingerboard..